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Welcome to BTS Fabrications

BTS Fabrications is a well established premier supplier of fabricated metal construction products. Our team has been carefully selected to bring together the best in production experience, commercial acumen and technical support, giving our customers the best possible service.

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About Us

From our production and administration facility in Newton Aycliffe, we have made it our primary aim to produce high quality products to suit a range of project budgets.

We work alongside building designers to understand the overall project vision to make sure that the work we do will interface seamlessly into the completed construction.

Our Technical and Design team can provide a range of material, finish and manufacturing options to ensure that the project budget is met without any compromise to the original visual concept.

We understand that building specifiers take great pride in their project designs – which is why we take great pride in helping to turn those designs into reality.

This uncompromising approach to quality and precision, along with an unflinching attention to detail, has helped BTS Fabrications to forge an excellent reputation within the metal fabrications sector, whether we’re working on a simple flashing, a rainwater system calculation, or our flagship Vantage® Engineered Rainscreen façade systems the latest exciting addition to the BTS products portfolio.

The BTS Fabrications policy of continuous investment in people and equipment means that we can help you visualise your design using state-of–the-art 3-d design software before you make the final production decision.

We relish the challenge that bespoke fabrications work presents. It’s what drives the whole BTS team through the continuous improvement we have to achieve to stay at the top of our game – so you can stay at the top of yours.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is transforming the way in which the construction industry operates, offering new heights of collaboration between architects, contractors and suppliers. Our premier range of Vantage® Façade Panel systems are the perfect choice for any BIM project. With our industry‐leading quality and service included as standard, we can now also offer our customised Vantage® BIM Service to provide you with the technical assistance and project‐specific content you need to gain the maximum benefit from BIM.

Not only can BTS Fabrications’ Vantage® BIM Service provide fully designed LOD400 Vantage® BIM content, fully compliant with the Government mandated Level 2 BIM requirements for inclusion in your BIM model or the Project Federated Model, but we can provide full materials extraction and quantification, saving you both time and money.

If you would like to know more about how BTS Fabrications’ Vantage® BIM Service can give your company the BIM advantage, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

BIM Ready Company BTS Fabriccations

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Vantage® Rainscreen Systems

Four System Choices – a world of design possibilities

If ever a product range epitomised the commitment, the flair, the whole ethos of a company, then the Vantage® suite of Engineered Rainscreen Solutions is that range.

Painstakingly crafted throughout a demanding development programme, Vantage® has been scrutinised in minute detail by the BTS design team, time and again, until they were satisfied that it met their exacting standards.

No matter how complex the construction concept, there is a Vantage® system which can accommodate your vision. A comprehensive range of material and finish options means that there is a Vantage® system to meet most budget levels.

And because our core values are skill and craftsmanship in metal fabrication, your project will benefit from a Vantage® quality finish whichever system you choose.

Each of the four Vantage® systems offers crisp, clean lines.
Each one offers sharp, precise detail.
Each embodies the attention to detail which has become synonymous with BTS Fabrications.
Each can bring your design vision to life.

Together, they offer a world of possibilities.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

Vantage® SF

The Ultimate in Rainscreen System Technology

Unique Lifetime design flexibility

The unique Vantage® SF Rainscreen system allows individual panel demountability - and remountability - without the need to remove any of the adjacent panels, allowing the building façade to be changed or updated at any time during its service life.
New Corporate colours or designs can easily be incorporated into a Vantage® SF building, to match the changing face of the owner’s business. Even the orientation of the original panels can be changed – offering complete aesthetic versatility and keeping your design fresh and contemporary from cradle to grave.



Engineering Excellence in design

Unparalleled attention to detail within Vantage® SF delivers a Rainscreen capable of being fully adjusted to accommodate building tolerances, ensuring a millimetre-perfect installation every time. The standard 20mm joint detail brings crisp, clean, uncluttered lines to the building façade, though alternative joint sizes can be incorporated to help realise your specific building vision. Matching or contrasting colour inserts add the perfect finishing touch and the sheer choice of materials and finishes offers a comprehensive palette for the discerning designer.



Precise, Practical, Perfect

BTS Fabrications brings the full weight of its metal forming and construction industry expertise together into Vantage® SF. The bespoke carrier rail and secret-fix brackets combine perfect joint and panel alignment.

Vantage® SF is fully drained and ventilated and the installation procedure can be started at either the top or the bottom of the building wall, bringing real flexibility to the construction programme on site.



Turning the Vision into Reality

The BTS Vantage® design team can offer authoritative advice and assistance to ensure a perfect interface and match with other façade elements such as windows, doors etc, helping you to achieve and deliver your concept exactly as visualised.

Panels can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientation – or a mix of the two - and a library of standardised corner, head, jamb, cill and window pod details offers specifiers a ‘cut and paste’ design option with the scope for truly individual design concepts.

Vantage® SF is available in a wide range of aluminium finishes, including Powder Coated, PVDF, Anodised and ACM (Aluminium Composite Material). VM, Quartz and Anthra and Rheinzink Blue Grey and Graphite Zinc finishes can also be supplied, as can Coated Steel, Copper and Stainless Steel.

Vantage® SF Technical Brochure

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

Vantage® DF

The Completely Integrated Envelope Solution

Cost-effective envelope quality

Vantage® DF delivers the speed, precision installation and cost-effectiveness of a fully modular system, yet also has the flexibility to accommodate bespoke design detail.

The system is particularly effective for vertical applications, but is also adaptable for use in horizontal orientations. If you’d like to explore this option with us, just let us know – the BTS Vantage® design Team will be happy to help with your concept.



Design scope and flexibility

The system offers a wide selection of panel sizes, offering designers the opportunity to experiment with panel variation and orientation, producing stunning façade, soffit and fascia combinations without breaking the budget.

For the perfect finishing touch, Specifiers can select from the comprehensive choice of Vantage® DF standard details. Or if you have something more challenging in mind, the team can offer assistance and advice on materials and interfaces every step of the way.

The system also incorporates the unique Vantage® individual panel demountability feature which allows complete façade flexibility – and repairability – throughout the life of the building.



The Completely Integrated Envelope Solution

Based on the same precision-engineered BTS Vantage® bespoke carrier rail system as its siblings, Vantage® DF gives in-built precision fastener alignment, using pre-punched holes to ensure perfect spacing of the discreet, colour matched connections.

A standardised 20mm all-round joint gap ensures an eye-catching, quality finish and places the designer firmly in control of the final visual effect.

The system is fully drained and ventilated and BTS Fabrications’ renowned attention to manufacturing detail means that every panel, every connection, every support rail and every hands-free bracket is millimetre perfect for your project.



Tested and Proven Performance

Vantage® DF can be specified with complete confidence.

The Vantage® team can supply advice on fastener frequency and loading calculations based on a wide range of variables, such as panel size, material selection and loading requirements.

Bespoke junction and interface details can be specifically engineered by the BTS Vantage® Design Team to ensure that Vantage® DF System works seamlessly with other systems and materials as part of your complete vision.

Comprehensive Choice of materials and finishes

The Vantage® DF gives designers a dizzying palette of materials to choose from to achieve the perfect finish, including:

Aluminium in Powder Coated, PVDF, Anodised and ACM (Aluminium Composite Material).

Zinc in VM, Quartz, Anthra, Rheinzink, Blue Grey and Graphite.

Coated Steel, Stainless Steel in a range of surface finishes, and Copper.

Vantage® DF Technical Brochure

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

Vantage® IP

The self-spacing linear system solution

Style and simplicity

This innovative secret-fix interlocking plank system gives visually stunning results using panels of up to 4000mm x 600mm depending on which material is chosen from the comprehensive range on offer to our clients. The system is self-spacing across both horizontal and vertical joints to give panel gaps from 2mm to 20mm without the need to site measure - and the standardised component and detail range means that this modular solution perfectly projects the right image for your design concept. The system can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation, allowing Architects a number of design possibilities.



Attention to detail

Designed and developed using state-of-the-art 3d engineering software, Vantage® IP embodies BTS Fabrications’ truly obsessive focus on the finer points of Rainscreen design. The team can also produce 3d renditions of the finished project proposal for discussion with Specifiers to ensure that every aspect, every fold and every line of every panel accurately reflects the Architects vision to perfection.

Striking aesthetic effects can be achieved with the use of an optional colour strip on the face of the system’s vertical support brackets to match or contrast the panel finish with a choice of colours or material finishes.

And if you want something a little out of the ordinary, we can help you to realise the vision.



Vision in metal

Vantage® IP brings a crisp, clean linear aspect to your project design. Particularly suited to long length applications, the system can be supplied in panel lengths of up to 4 metres, minimising joints and presenting a visually flat aspect to the project façade.

From a minimum material thickness of 0.70mm to a maximum of 2.0mm, with loading calculations available as standard, Vantage® IP brings quality and performance to even the most demanding building envelope concept.



Expertise in metal finishes

The BTS Fabrications design team leave nothing to chance, ensuring that panel solutions using noble metals like copper are properly protected to eradicate the issues that can arise from mixing various metal types in the building envelope. Barrier plates are incorporated into system designs and primary fixings are isolated where appropriate to make sure that your concept retains its image and performance for the life of the system.

Vantage® IP Technical Brochure

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

Vantage® EP

Extruded Plank Rainscreen System

The Vantage® EP extruded plank offers a cost effective metal cladding system, engineered with simplicity and robustness in mind. With its clean lines and ease of installation the extruded plank is the perfect solution for cladded areas which call for value engineered plank effect.

The extruded plank consists of 2.5mm Aluminium extrusion which can come in a variety of lengths and can be powder coated or anodised in a vast array of colours and finishes. Fixings are hidden and each extrusion clips into each other offering a minimum 2mm gap, allowing for expansion and drainage.

The planks can be fixed to any wall build up onto a secondary support grid.

Vantage EP Extruded plank

Vantage EP Extruded Plank

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

Fabricated Products




BTS Fabrications Bullnose flashings are made with pin-point accuracy using purpose designed manufacturing equipment. Our metal-forming craftsmen have decades of expertise on which to draw to make sure that your building benefits from the perfect finishing touch.

Whether your design calls for a single radius, or multiple radii across a single profile, or even elliptical shapes, the BTS team will rise to the challenge.

Gutter Systems



With particular expertise in rainwater management systems and calculations, BTS Fabrications can offer authoritative advice on this vitally important construction consideration.

The BTS Gutter range includes:

In addition, BTS can supply every component needed to manage the rainwater from roofline to ground such as sumps, outlets, overflows – even leaf guards. Call the BTS team to discuss your rainwater management requirements. We’ll be happy to help.

Architectural Curved Powder Coated Aluminium Fascia



How many times have you seen the sweeping lines of a curved building ruined by the use of faceted flashings?

At BTS Fabrications, we can manufacture smooth curved flashings in a range of radii, limited only by the material type and flashing profile. The BTS design and production teams relish the opportunity to test their expertise on complex, demanding detailing. And if your concept can’t be realised precisely as visualised, we can offer suggestions to help you get the best available alternative without compromising project quality.

Curved flashings are available with pre-bonded butt straps or a secret-fix joint detail with zero visible fixing points.

Soffit Systems



Soffits are often very much an afterthought in the design process, yet they can be one of the most highly visible and defining elements of the building envelope.
BTS Fabrications produce a range of soffit systems to provide the perfect match or add a striking contrast to the building façade.

Manufactured in a wide variety of materials, BTS Fabrications Soffit systems can be tapered to accommodate curved detailing.

Soffits are available in secret fix, discreet fix or interlocking plank format, each delivering a unique design statement – and each bringing BTS quality to your concept.

Perforated Fabrications



Produced with precision on a computer controlled purpose-designed turret punch machine, perforated products can have a huge variety of applications, from the purely practical, to the downright beautiful.

We’ve made green roof gravel guards which act as a perimeter flashing, keeping the sedum material in place while allowing controlled drainage for the installation.

We’ve made perforated flashings, louvres and even perforated fin details to enhance the Architects clever use of integrated lighting in the building façade, adding a unique finish and giving the building an added dimension after nightfall.

There are thousands of great design ideas that can be made even better by using this striking material finish. Why not call the BTS Design Team to discuss yours?




We’ve manufactured louvres to suit a vast array of aperture shapes from square to triangle to circle. Each individual blade is painstakingly reproduced using 3d design software to ensure a precision fit and a perfect finish.

We can also supply louvred doors, which arrive on site as a complete package, complete with a full set of door hardware. We’ll even make sure you have a spare key!




A roofscape without penetrations of some kind is something of a rarity nowadays. Every building envelope has to cater for smoke vents, pipe penetrations, access hatches - a whole range of potential breaches to the overall waterproofing performance of the finished roof.

Available in a wide range of materials and finishes, BTS offers a range of standard and bespoke roof soakers to deliver a fully watertight detail every time.

Rainwater Pipes and Hoppers



Hoppers and Rainwater Pipes are an integral and critical part of the “rainwater highway” from roofline to ground level. They have to be properly designed to cope with the calculated water volumes. They have to be made from the right materials to endure a highly aggressive operating environment throughout the service life of the building. They have to be properly finished to maintain their looks. And they have to play their part in conveying the designer’s vision for the building envelope.

BTS Fabrications offer rainwater calculations to BS EN 12056:3. They make sure that the right material is used for the application. They insist on the best quality finish to suit the budget.

They do it right – because it has to be right.




Flashings serve a multitude of purposes in the building envelope; they can be about weathertightness, airtightness, robust detailing, decoration, structural integrity. They can be simple, or they can be weird and wonderful. But whatever they are, BTS Fabrications are acutely aware that they are a vital finishing touch to the building.

We’ve invested heavily in a pallet racking system to ensure the ready availability of a multitude of materials and finishes, from Tata Plastisol Leathergrain, Lining enamel, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, and Colorcoat Prisma, to Arcelor Plastisols, Polyesters and Spectrum Granite. We can supply aluminium in mill finish, stucco embossed or pre-coated and J57S for anodising.

The list goes on; stainless steel, mesh, tread plate, 3 colours of Alkor Renolit PVC coated metal, plain galvanised steel. We can powder-coat flashings with the complete palette of standard and non-standard RAL/BS and Syntha-Pulvin finishes. And where powder coating isn’t a viable option, we offer a 3-coat wet-spray finishing system.

The BTS team has designed our own production management and materials movement control system, meaning that we can track each order from stock picking to delivery – usually in 1 or two working days – but if you’re under pressure, we also have a ‘next day delivery’ service.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

Vantage CS

Vantage® CS Coping System

The Ultimate Clip-On Coping system

Decorative, structurally strong and, most importantly watertight, This Vantage-Clip-On Coping system is available in a comprehensive range of materials and finishes to compliment or contrast with the overall building aesthetics.

No fixings pierce the capping top which removes the risk of leakage from defected installed screws; specially designed grooves on the robust extruded alloy bracket secures the rubber gasket that ensures a snug watertight antidrum fit.

This system is quick and easy to install with the advantage of being able to fit from the roof, reducing access costs. A suite of ancillary items, including stop ends, corner pieces, T-sections, weatherproofed support brackets, junctions and up stands complete the system. The design team can also work with you to produce bespoke feature components to bring real individuality to your project.

For copings up to 600mm wide brackets should be fixed at a maximum of 1500mm centres. For copings above 600mm in width, brackets should be fixed at a maximum of 1000mm centres. Above widths of 1000mm brackets should be fixed at 750mm centres.

Vantage® CS Technical Brochure


© 2013 BTS Fabrications

Special Projects


Occasionally, we are asked to look at projects that are different and slightly outside our scope of works.

The below case study showcases a building in the heart of Stratford, right next to the Olympic stadium for the Unite Group who provide student accommodation.

Metclad Contracts working for Westfield Shopping Towns limited chose BTS Fabrication to design, fabricate and assemble modular roofing cassettes.

The works were split over 2 phases.

The first phase was the most difficult as it was the first time that a brick roof had been installed to a 60 degree pitch!

This entailed 9 panels craned into position between 3 large insulated gutters.

The second phase was installed on a higher flatter area but still to a 22 degree pitch with 22 cassettes / 6 large insulated gutters on the agenda.

Our last remit was to manufacture the powder coated peripheral flashings on both areas and on a separate capping to the rear elevation.


BTS Fabrications employed a full time draughtsman and structural engineer to assist with design. We were given details from Metclad’s design department that we structurally checked and used to prepare drawings and take offs for the steel members, bolts and all associated cleats etc.

We engaged a lifting company early in the process to design a lifting beam that was suitable of lifting a panel to the same roof pitch as the roof. All of our lifting hooks were specially designed and tested by the same company.

We employed a local specialist painting company to come up with an internal gutter coating that could be applied in house as the gutters were too large to go through their ovens.

Manufacture and Assembly

The individual frames were made from 3mm Galvanised steel and were very heavy. We looked into gantry cranes with chain blocks to move these around our shop floor but that wasn’t commercially viable so we came up with the idea of wheels.

Once the frames were assembled and the wheels fixed in place, decking and cement particle board was installed to the top of the frame.

Last but not least Metclad installed the G Brick panels before pointing between each brick.

The frames for the first phase were relatively easy as they were all square, the frames on the second phase were curved in places that added to the fun.

Lifting Trials

The photos and video show the trial lift to 60 degrees we performed here in our factory car park. This showcases the lifting beam and lifting hooks that we designed and tested to suit the task.

Specialist lifting hooks were also designed, installed and trialed for the long insulated gutters. Using our 3D design software, we were able to identify the centre of gravity for each gutter type in order to position the lifting hooks for ease of transport and installation.

Even though each frame was carefully selected, engineered and structurally checked we all had our own reservations that the frame would bend or the bricks would crack when we commenced the trial lift. The photos show it was as steady as a rock and our reservations soon turned to elation when the chain blocks finished rotating the frame to 60 degrees!


Other photos show the lifting hooks and specialist bracketry we designed and manufactured to ship these frames economically with 3 frames stacked high.


The first 9 frames were bolted into position in perfect weather over the course of 4 days.

One of the photos shows the absailers that Metclad employed to fill in the holes for the lifting brackets and seal up the ends and side laps between each panel.

The weather, the height and the curved specification of the frames for second phase meant that this phase took much longer.

We also Supplied all 3mm powder coating verge and capping flashings that were installed to the periphery.


We started this project with a lot of potential pitfalls and problems but with the expertise of Metclad Contracts and our in house / external designers we overcame every issue that we were posed.

The overall programme dates were all met and our client and Westfield’s were very happy.

This building is intimidating in scale and colour and we hope that it wins awards.

BTS Fabrications are very proud to be part of this and we have no doubt that it will achieve iconic status in the future.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications


© 2013 BTS Fabrications



We currently don’t have any vacancies available.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications


Read What Our Customers Have To Say!

LSC Facades have worked with BTS Fabrications on a number of projects including RAL 100, Walthamstow Arcade and as a company we are extremely impressed with the level of service.

BTS Fabrications excel with their manufacturing capabilities, quality products and prompt deliveries.

With one of our projects needing replacement panels, BTS gave us an extremely quick turnaround without causing delay on the site, which was beneficial for us and the client.

BTS Fabrications give their customers outstanding service and LSC Facades would thoroughly recommend them as a reliable and competitive supplier.

Mick Godwin

We have started installing the capping on Bloomberg and wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the general feeling towards these.

When I seen the schedules for the corners and step-down points, I was slightly nervous, hence the phone call to yourself and subsequently deciding to making one of the larger fabrications in to a two piece. But upon viewing and feedback from the guys installing these, we are more than impressed with the quality and the workmanship in these large and potentially tricky fabrications, and these thoughts are also from others who have looked at these corners

I will always try and give praise where it due, it does always seem that it is generally harder to praise then to knock down, which we are all aware is all too easy.

It is comforting to have a supplier capably of this quality with a turnaround of just over a week.

I extend my thanks to you and your team for what you have provided to date and hopefully what you will be providing going forward on this project.

I am hopeful this email will be taken note of by our buying team in the Winchester office to continue to use you.

Darren Hill BSc (Hons)

I hadn't previously come across BTS during my last place of work but have been using them ever since I joined Metclad in May 2013. There are many fabricators out there but what stands BTS head and shoulders above the rest is their commitment to quality which stays incredibly high despite managing to turn round orders at an alarming quick pace.

Whilst they aren’t the cheapest its more than a welcome trade off against their speed and quality. I call them the Stella Artois of fabricators. They are currently one of our top flashings suppliers and show no signs of moving away from this position.

I would recommend their services to anyone seeking a very high quality service backed by quick and reliable deliveries.

Josh Gardner

“BTS Fabrications are a great company to deal with and always provide a fast, efficient and cost effective service. When required they can manufacture and deliver orders at short notice and have the technical expertise to meet our requirements”.

John Hadfield

We know that when dealing with BTS they will take pride in providing a 1st class service. I would not hesitate in recommending this suppler.

Graham Jones

We've been supporting BTS since they started trading and in a similar way they have supported us during a substantial business reorganisation of our own. The symbiosis has and still is working very well. This is due almost entirely on the professionalism of the staff right through from Phil the MD to the guys driving the trucks on to our sites.

We rely heavily on the BTS team's vast experience in their specialist field and we have completed many successful projects together and I look forward to completing many more.

Martin Harris

Brandclad Ltd have been using the services of BTS Fabrications for a number of years now, BTS offer an impeccable service with prompt, reliable deliveries. We would recommend Phil and the rest of the staff at BTS to anyone looking for a fabricator"

Daniel Zimmerman

Working on increasingly demanding and fast paced projects, BTS fabrications remain a valuable asset to our supply chain in which excellent customer service, quality and a quick turnaround is normal practise’

Paul Chivers

Regardless of order size each project we send to BTS receives their full attention and with experience that belies their six years trading they frequently provide us with bespoke jobs on quick turnarounds. If they commit to a delivery date, they meet it. If what you need is a first rate service at a competitive price then I have no hesitation to recommend the BTS team.

Andrew Simpson

‘BTS Fabrications have undertaken many specialist fabrication contracts for Gale Construction on a number of projects throughout the UK. They assist in estimating and design, through to the finished product and guarantees.

The quality, service and support is exemplary and we look forward to using them on our forthcoming BTS Vantage Rainscreen project that we are due to start later this year’

Richard Plume

We selected BTS to supply the rain screen for a particular difficult project at Reading. A 141 student accommodation block, their service was outstanding from the initial value engineering stage as we had difficulties in meeting the budget for the external envelope.

The biggest advantage for APS was BTS were able to coordinate three separate rain screen systems on the external envelope. The quality of the finishes were outstanding their procurement time was one of the best in the market. APS were awarded another student accommodation block due to the quality of the finished envelope. We have no hesitation in recommending BTS to any sub-contractor.

Paul Mason

BTS have proved themselves time and time again, from their impressive customer service to their very quick manufacturing and delivery time scales, I would recommend BTS Fabrications to any company looking for a fast, reliable and competitive service.

Alan Webb

All at ABS Elbrow are more than happy with the service we receive from BTS. We are currently building 11 new fire stations using the Vantage Rainscreen IP system and are needing to order lots of panels in a bespoke manor.

The quality and delivery times after the orders have been placed are A1 and if there are any problems these are dealt with expertly.

Many thanks for the service you are providing us. We look forward to working with you on current and future projects.

Gary Barry

I have been using BTS fabrications for 6 years and have never had any problems during that time.

I have done many projects with BTS and the service has never changed. Very polite and helpful receptionist takes your call and you get put through to the person you require, if that person is not available then you always talk to another team member who again is very helpful.

I have many times rung up at 15.00 and needed some flashings for the next morning and the whole team do what they can and I always have them before 10.00 the next day.

I personally do not think there is another company out there that can provide that service.

BTS deserve their place as one of the leading fabrication companies in England.

Steve Wright

© 2013 BTS Fabrications


Please enter your contact details and query below and we will endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

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BTS Fabrications

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News 2017

10-December-2017 - BTS Fabrications recertified for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

We at BTS FABRICATIONS LIMITED pride ourselves on quality and our correct first time ethos. Our reputation for precision manufacturing certainly precedes us and has brought us great success. This culture is backed up by processes and procedures in line with ISO 9001.

We first achieved this certification over 4 years ago and our recent recertification audit proves our quality thinking is thoroughly embedded and certification is completely justified.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

News 2017

11-November-2017 - BTS Fabrications are recruiting! ***NEW***

Gearing up for a massive investment in machinery , factory and office extensions, BTS Fabrications are recruiting for the following positions:

Office / Factory

Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental and Business Improvement Manager

Ideally based local to our HQ with drive and determination to succeed.


National Specification Manager

Ideally based in the South East with a background in our sector and a proven track record in specification sales.


CNC Press Setters

CNC Punch Operators

Tig Welders with cladding industry experience

A More defined role with info on what type of person is desirable for each of the above positions is available on request.

To apply for any of these positions, please email: with full CV.

Excellent packages available to the right people.

No agencies.

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News 2017

4-November-2017 - Super Shed - BTS Fabrications hit the headlines.

Great to see BTS Fabrications hitting the local papers after helping with the supply and install of pressed profiles for the local 'super shed'

Click here to view the full article.Super Shed

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News 2017

22-October-2017 - Bioscience building in Nottingham now complete.

On a recent visit to Nottingham our Project Manager Mike Morris passed by the Bioscience Building to view the completed building.

The building is looking fantastic and showcases approximately 1200m2 BTS Fabrications CWCT tested Vantage® SF secret fix panels anodised in Anolok 541. Precision manufacturing expertly installed by Sage Roofing.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

News 2017

21-October-2017 - Sheffield kiosks looking spectacular shimmering in the sun.

On a recent visit south our Project Manager Mike Morris passed though Sheffield to view the now completed city centre Kiosks.

The kiosks feature bespoke fascia expertly installed by Metclad Contracts. The special material is Rimex is AISI 316 Stainless Steel Sheet Mirror polished, Etched Pattern MA36.

They are for Caffé Nero and Krispy Crème.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

News 2017

19-October-2017 - Apex Facades visit BTS Fabrications

We had the pleasure of giving Apex Facades a factory tour followed by some entertaining in Newcastle and St James Park for the Newcastle V Crystal Palace match. Great weekend had by all.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

News 2017

15-October-2017 - BTS Fabrications panels debut in the living room.

On a recent factory tour of BTS and seeing our new internal reception area with rainscreen panels in this stainless steel patterned finish, our customer liked it so much, he wanted one on the wall of his living room.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

News 2017

10-September-2017 - Factory Expansion underway for BTS Fabrications.

Office extension complete, now its the turn for the factory to expand. The latest development will bring our manufacturing area to nearly 30, 000 sq foot. We have major plans for next year and our customers are in for a treat. Watch this space.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

News 2017

05-September-2017 - Stratford Project Unite re-visited.

On a recent visit to London MD Phil Atkinson took time to visit a job we did for Metclad Contracts limited/ Main Contractor Westfield Shopping Towns Limited.

Phil Atkinson comments "My first time back at this job for 3 years and had to view as it took up 6 months of my life.

The building is in the heart of Stratford, right next to the Olympic stadium / West Ham Utd's ground for the Unite Group who provide student accommodation.

We at BTS are all very proud of our association with this job and revisiting brought back proud memories."

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

News 2016

01-August-2016 - Construction is well underway for our new office extension.

Construction is well underway for our new office extension with groundworks and steel footings complete.

Steelwork erection starts today.

Updates of the build will be frequent as our full range Vantage® suite of engineered rainscreen solutions will be showcased.

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News 2016

28-February-2016 - BTS FABRICATIONS LIMITED launch Vantage® EP (Extruded Plank).

BTS FABRICATIONS LIMITED launch Vantage® EP (Extruded Plank). It has been engineered with simplicity and robustness in mind. With its clean lines, speed of turnaround and the ease of installation it is the perfect solution for cladded areas that call for a value engineered plank effect.

It can be supplied in a variety of lengths and can be anodised or powder coated in a variety of colours and finishes. Please call the sales team for further info.

Vantage EP Extruded plank

Vantage EP Extruded Plank

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News 2016

28-February-2016 - Vantage® IP Rainscreen on 11 Fire Stations.

Our CWCT tested Vantage® IP (Interlocking Plank) rainscreen system as pictured above has been specified and installed on 11 fire stations in Staffordshire.

We got our final photo today of the last powder coated planking system to be completed at Lichfield.

We owe the specification to a long established customer ABS Elbrow who proposed our system nearly 3 years ago.

Photos of all completed stations are below with only Lichfield to be officially inaugurated.

Developer Kier in partnership with Calderpeel and the Blue 3 Consortium were responsible for design, construction and future maintenance.

This has been a great learning curve for the further enhancement of the Vantage® IP panel. We have mastered and improved our fabrication methods, from new split tooling on the press brakes to lean manufacturing techniques, we are primed for more specifications.

11 Fire Stations BTS Fabrications

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News 2016

28-February-2016 - Helen Alexander joins BTS Fabrications as Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Manager.

Helen Alexander joins BTS Fabrications as Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Manager. She was instrumental in guiding us to ISO 9001 and 14001 when she worked here as a consultant and knows the business as well as we do!. She has been tasked with business improvement and efficiencies as well as her day to day role. Helen has already had a great impact since her arrival earlier this year and we look forward to working with her

Helen Alexander BTS Fabrications

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News 2016

10-January-2016 - BTS Fabrications are now BIM ready!

With the 2016 deadline for all Public Sector Construction Projects to be delivered using Level 2 BIM now active, our Vantage® range of Premier Rainscreen and Façade products are the natural choice for your BIM project.

Our technical services department offer a complete BIM service tailor-made to your requirements, utilising our custom-designed Vantage® Façade Design System, enabling us to produce fully detailed and material-quantified BIM models and drawings at Level Of Detail (L.O.D.) 4 for either standalone use for installation purposes, or for insertion into the project Federated Model.

Whether you are an architect, developer or contractor, specify BTS Fabrications Vantage® Façade Systems, and you have the perfect partner for your BIM project.

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News 2015

15-November-2015 - New office extension plans revealed.

Plans are well underway for our new office extension and we are currently at the tendering stage looking for builders and other trades to either price or to project manage the whole build. We are also considering building it to BIM, however that depends on time constraints. Full planning permission has been granted and we see the project as a great opportunity to showcase our Vantage® suite of engineered rainscreen solutions.

The 3D graphical renders of the proposed new build below were prepared in house by our Vantage® Estimator/Designer Mike Morris using the latest cutting edge 3d graphical software. Mike Morris comments "I'm very pleased to be involved in the project and hopefully we are able to implement the BIM processes into the build. Having recently completed the BIM Fundamentals training courses by BRE earlier this year I see this as a great opportunity to put our BIM knowledge to the test and realise the cost and time benefits that BIM can bring, during the build and in maintaining the building in the future."

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News 2015

14-November-2015 - New Mercedes Benz truck joins the family of BTS delivery vehicles.

Our new Mercedes Benz truck joins the family of BTS delivery vehicles bringing the total to 5. New livery is being organised which will include the new FORS stickers. All our trucks are specially modified to carry 4 pallets at 3 metres x 1050mm wide providing maximum efficiency.

Chris Atkinson, Transport Manager adds, "We are proud of our fleet, drivers and professional logistics operation. Although these trucks are long, they are still ideal for delivery into Central London. All our trucks are FORS and CLOCS compliant which is another feather in our bow!

Mercedes Van BTS Fabrications

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News 2015

10-November-2015 - BTS Fabrications purchase a second Alu-ranger.

BTS Fabrications has increased their production capacity this week with the purchase of a second cutting edge Alu-ranger. An essential purchase at this time for us as we have numerous Vantage® rainscreen contracts to start. BTS Vantage® rainscreen systems are truly becoming the specified rainscreen of choice from quality conscious specifiers! The purchase also reaffirms our policy of constant re investment and structured growth in assets and people.

The second Alu-ranger MC 4216 is now fully operational and is slightly smaller than our existing Alu-ranger MC 5016-GRC however it has the added advantage of having a routing head with housing for 3 tools saving time on tool changes. This space saving CNC machine is designed specifically for Metal Composite Material (MCM) fabrications with user-friendly fabrication software. It has pre-loaded standard program macros for corner folding, riveting, rout and return, and panel hanging designs. The Alu-Ranger also grooves MCM with a grooving cutter, not a router bit, making it FOUR times faster than traditional CNC machines which rely only on router bits to fabricate MCM’s.

New Aluranger BTS

New Aluranger BTS 1

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News 2015

12-October-2015 - BTS Fabrications secure an order from envelope contractor Prater for Block 1 of the Bracknell town centre regeneration.

BTS Fabrications are delighted to announce that we have secured an order from envelope contractor Prater for approximately 1,600m² of our Vantage® SF ACM rainscreen for Block 1 of the Bracknell town centre regeneration. Block 1 is part of a £200million pound regeneration project and is due to be completed in the spring of 2017.

Mike Morris Vantage® Estimator / Designer comments “We are extremely pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with Prater on the project, which involved providing design assistance, and we hope to be involved in the development of additional blocks of the project in the very near future. This will be our third collaboration with Prater having completed work at Alder Hey and Hendon and we are well on the way to being preferred rainscreen supply chain partners."

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News 2015

04-October-2015 - BTS Fabrications, proud sponsor of Darlington FC under 13's

BTS Fabrications, proud sponsor of Darlington FC under 13's at the official photo shoot tonight. We have won the league 2 years running and are unbeaten so far this season.

BTS Kit Sponsor

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News 2015

09-September-2015 - BTS Fabrications secure the ACM façade on a new college campus in Sunderland.

holmeside BTS

BTS Fabrications secure the ACM façade on a new college campus in Sunderland.

We will be supplying envelope contractor Lakesmere on the College Vocational Campus in an area of the city centre known as the Holmeside Triangle.

Our most recent investment ‘The Aluranger’ will be once again put to the test as there is approximately 2500m² of Reynobond ACM.

An artists impression is above. Consisting of 3 separate colours our remit is to supply our Vantage® DF Rainscreen system.

Bulk reservations are sorted and delivery dates for the first phase are destined for shipment in December.

Mike Morris (Vantage® Designer) comments. "It's great to secure some local work and we are delighted at being considered for orders of this size. This is a great indication of our enhanced production capacity, after the investment in the Aluranger."

We have had good meetings here with the contractor, main contractor BAM and architects Red Box.

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News 2015

09-September-2015 - NEC Resorts World leisure complex in Birmingham nears completion.

The pictures below showcase our ‘I’ Beam powder coated cruciform feature flashings and the history is explained in an earlier news story below. Our largest fascia order to date looks superb and feedback from site has been encouraging and has led to more orders.



nec bts 3

nec bts 4

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News 2015

07-July-2015 - BTS Vantage® SF Rainscreen System 3d assembly video.

The 3D model and animation for our BTS Vantage® SF Rainscreen system has been live on our web site since our new website went live in September 2013.

We have since updated it using our new state of the art 3d imaging software which is capable of photo realistic renders.

The unique Vantage® SF Rainscreen system allows individual panel demountability - and remountability - without the need to remove any of the adjacent panels, allowing the building façade to be changed or updated at any time during its service life.

The system has also been independently tested and certified to meet CWCT specification for rainscreen cladding.

To arrange to discuss with our external sales managers please contact us today.

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News 2015

01-July-2015 - BTS Fabrications launch their very first CPD Presentation!


BTS Fabrications are delighted to be able to launch their very first CPD Presentation!

The CPD titled Precision Rainscreen Systems For The External Façade has been audited and credited for impartial technical content by the respected external body, The Construction CPD Certification Service. They recognise that this presentation offers any interested parties an in-depth look at the importance of having the correct design, engineering and fabrication for all metal Rainscreen systems.

This presentation will appeal to anyone interested in the specification of Rainscreen Cladding Systems and recognise the fact that this important façade element demands the highest quality design considerations to ensure that the visual effect is endorsed by its technical effectiveness. It lasts approximately 45 minutes and can be presented over a lunchtime period.

Mike Morris, BTS Vantage® Rainscreen Coordinator/design commented “yet again BTS are promoting the value of precision design & fabrication to Rainscreen systems, an ethos which is embedded within the company culture.” For more information on Vantage® Rainscreen, or to arrange to have this CPD presentation please contact us today.

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News 2015

15-June-2015 - BTS Fabrications accredited to the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard.

BTS Fabrications Limited is delighted to announce that we have passed stage 2 of our ISO 14001 assessment and received our certification today. This environmental approval confirms we are committed to recognising the impacts that our business has on the environment.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) captures the requirements of industry best practice, based on the two major standards which we work to; ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

David Atkinson, production director says, “ISO 14001 certification is an important milestone in our long term sustainability strategy. It’s vital that we have formalised systems in place so we can maintain our responsible role in the communities in which we operate and continuously improve what we do.”


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News 2015

13-June-2015 - BTS Fabrications adds another Trumpf turret punch to its portfolio.

This Trumpf 500 is larger than our existing punch and will streamline our punching operation and enable us to punch wider and longer sheets without a reposition.

Richard Clough national specification manager states ‘we have seen a major upturn in orders and large projects over the last few months and the market is buoyant. We are now officially on envelope specialist Praters’ supply chain and have a large Vantage® rainscreen order for Hendon police station and a large Vantage® coping system on Alderhay hospital in the system. This coupled with 2 large rainscreen orders in London from curtain wall specialist M Price has lead to 24 hour shift patterns 6 days a week. All the recent investment is also aligned with a surge in recruitment. In my short time here, I have learned that our reputation for consistent precision, quick punctual deliveries and unrivalled technical support certainly proceeds us.



punch 3


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News 2015

09-May-2015 - BTS Fabrications announce Alu–Ranger MC 5016-GRC purchase.

BTS Fabrications recently enhanced their production capabilities with the purchase of the cutting edge Alu–Ranger MC 5016-GRC This space saving CNC machine is designed specifically for Alucobond aluminium composite material (ACM) fabrications with user-friendly fabrication software. It has pre-loaded standard program macros for corner folding, riveting, rout and return, and panel hanging designs. The Alu-Ranger also grooves ACM with a grooving cutter, not a router bit, making it FOUR times faster than traditional CNC machines which rely only on router bits to fabricate ACM’s.

Richard Clough national specification manager says, "The Alu-Ranger is a fantastic machine and will streamline our production of Vantage® Rainscreen Cassette System’s using Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). Production of the ACM on our project at Cardiff Capital quarter starts soon and this will be the first major test for our Alu-Ranger.

The speed, quality and accuracy of the process, especially the routing blade is the best I have seen in this industry. This acquisition, and the demand for consistent high quality fabrication contributed to my decision to join BTS, this ethos is evident across all departments and is evident on the product produced on the factory floor!

BTS have built up a fantastic reputation with roofing contractors, however my brief here is specification and I see no reason why the Vantage® range can't be the talk of the architectural world in no time at all."

Alu Ranger

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News 2015

01-May-2015 - BTS Fabrications announce the appointment of Richard Clough as their national specification manager.

BTS Fabrications announce the appointment of Richard Clough as their national specification manager.

Phil Atkinson, BTS Managing Director said. "Richard brings a wealth of experience in architectural sales with specific knowledge in the facade sector. I have known Richard for years and he is the ultimate professional."

“We launched our Vantage® Rainscreen systems nearly 2 years ago and the success has been spectacular with numerous high profile contracts completed including the Ral 100 space centre in Oxford and Bradford broadway shopping centre which are both showcased on our BTS web site. Our milestones are prolific, with our Vantage® trademark gained , ISO 9001 certification and CWCT testing & certification within a year Richards appointment is the next logical step, with our NBS specifications written & published and the ISO 14001 environmental accreditation being imminent. His appointment also coincides with our latest investment in the cutting edge Alu- Ranger MC 5016-GRC machine which will further enhance our production capabilities.”

“Vantage® success has been due to the loyalty and support of a select group of specialist envelope contractors. We want to repay that collaboration by making BTS Vantage® rainscreen systems the specified rainscreen cladding system of choice from quality conscious specifiers. Richard's number one objective is gaining specifications for the Vantage® range, but he will also contribute in BTS Vantage® project management and ultimately help to increase turnover to our budgeted £5million. These are exciting times for BTS Fabrications and we are very proud of the team we have assembled. It's a genuine pleasure to go to work everyday and to feel part of something special and with buoyant times forecast within the Rainscreen Façade market, we are well placed to be one of the leading rainscreen Fabricators within 2015”.

R Clough

R Clough2

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News 2015

27-April-2015 - Programme Sponsorship.

BTS Fabrications were proud to be programme sponsors at the recent Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur Premiership football match. Tottenham Fans Josh Gardner and Matthew Blay of Metclad Contracts and Balsham Buildings were our guests for the weekend. Despite the protests from the fans and a sparse crowd, the match was entertaining and worth the long treck. BTS transport manager Chris Atkinson and estimator Michael Kidd are pictured pitch side with Josh and Matthew Newcastle drew level just after half time but Spurs eventually won 3-1 following Harry Kane’s runaway last goal leaving Newcastle in deep trouble.

ncl tott 2


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News 2015

01-April-2015 - Cladding & Curtain Walling AJ Specification Live event.

BTS Fabrications were proud sponsors at the recent AJ Specification, Cladding & Curtain Walling event at the Building Centre in Central London.

Over 200 architects were in attendance which seminar programme included presentations by Scott Brownrigg, Pattern and Designscape architects.

Attendees from BTS included Paul Bunnet, Marcia Atkinson and Phil Atkinson.The photos below show the presentations and networking drinks in the gallery that followed.

Timing for this event couldn’t have been better as our new Specification Manager joins us in May as the leads generated were fantastic.

This is the first of many events and advertorials we have planned with the architects journal.

Photos courtesy of Theo Wood.

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News 2015

28-March-2015 - NBS Specification.

BTS Fabrications are pleased to announce our NBS specifications are now published.

They can be instantly accessed by architectural practices and other construction professionals that use NBS specification software.

NBS Plus has 94% penetration among the UK’s top 100 architectural practises (source 2012 AJ Top 100).

Tens of thousands of specifies working in 6,000+ subscribing offices have access to NBS and NBS Building includes around 20,000 pre-written product specifications.

For detailed information please contact Phil Atkinson at BTS Fabrications on 01388 816883.

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News 2015

24-March-2015 - Fire stations at Longton, Stone and Kinver officially inaugurated.

Fire stations at Rugeley and Loggerheads are 95% complete while construction continues at Lichfield, Penkridge and Codsall sites.

Our Vantage® IP system is specified on all eight fire stations above and feedback from ABS Elbrow contracts Manager Gary Barry and Director Pete Field has been superb.

Paul Bunnett, Business Development Manager adds ‘This has been a great learning curve for the further enhancement of the Vantage® IP panel as we have mastered and improved our fabrication methods. From new split tooling on the press brakes to lean manufacturing techniques, we are ahead of our game’

More photos and case studies to follow.


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News 2015

17-March-2015 - BTS Launch Extruded Blade Louvres.

ISD Cold Stores chose BTS Fabrications to provide their Louvred requirements on the Aldi distribution centre at Chelmsford.

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director adds "We have worked with ISD for many years supplying them with standard fixed blade louvres, flashings, hoppers, capping’s and powder coated pipe work. When the opportunity arose to provide their continuous ventilated solution on the plant room to part of their contract, we jumped at it!"

We carefully chose the mullion / blade manufacturer, we established the test data and BTS Extruded blade louvres were born A standard BTS fixed blade louvre was also manufactured and is shown in the above picture along with hoppers and powder coated Rainwater goods.



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News 2015

14-March-2015 - The Ral 100 Space Centre nears blast off!

The new RAL Space Technology Centre is being built in Harwell, Oxford and will be completed in a matter of weeks.

This has been our largest Rainscreen contract to date and feedback from installer LSC Facades has been excellent.

Please peruse below latest construction photos taken on the 28th of February 2015.

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News 2015

13-February-2015 - Cross Quarter Abbey Wood – Production underway.

We have been employed by Gale Construction to provide our Vantage® rainscreen system, window pods and associated flashings to the accommodation building’s façade and balconies at Cross Quarter, Abbey Wood. This development is as all part of a new build residential/commercial Project which will include a new 81,000 sq. ft. Sainsbury’s food store, 5,000 sq. ft. of retail and commercial space and 220 new apartments.

We are using a 2mm pre coated aluminium called Glamorous Gold and production photos are to follow

Please peruse the artist impressions in the above links (Home page) that shows the extent of the gold around the front elevation around and inside the balconies.

Phil Atkinson Managing Director, comments “We have always had a strong working relationship with Gale Construction and have worked with them for many years. The opportunity to work with them on a lucrative rainscreen project was too good to miss. The Vantage® system is taking its place in the market and we hope to reciprocate Gale Construction by taking them a Vantage® rainscreen specification in the next 18 months!

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News 2015

10-February-2015 - BTS Fabrications Limited are pleased to announce its partnership with RIBA product selector.

Riba Selector

Here you can find company and product information. NBS Specifications are to follow soon.

This is an excellent opportunity for BTS Fabrications as the site gets;

To book an appointment to discuss BTS Fabrications products please contact us on 01388 816883

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News 2015

08-February-2015 - Three's a crowd, fours a family!

Our new Mercedes Benz 313 6 metre truck joins the family of BTS delivery vehicles.

They are all getting new livery which will include the new FORS stickers. FORS is covered in a previous news story and will soon be a pre requisite for delivering to London sites.

We are proud of our fleet and our drivers and we will continue to invest. This is 3rd purchase this year having already bought a new punch and fork truck.

Planning permission has been granted on the next stage of development which will include new offices allowing a factory reshuffle which will lead to 26000 square foot of much needed manufacturing space.

We have a very healthy order book and 2015 promises to be another record breaking year!

new van5

new van 1

new van 2

new van 3

new van 4

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News 2015

19-January-2015 - BTS Fabrications secure the facade and special fabrications package on a 50 million pounds research centre.

BTS Fabrications secure the facade and special fabrications package on a 50 million pounds research centre known as the living systems institute on the streatham campus at Exeter university.

The centre will bring together mathematicians, scientists and engineers in a bid to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of human, animal and plant diseases.

The initial order value to us is £440,000 but the overall value could be well over half a million once final detailing on a special slab block detail has been agreed.

This consists of 2 linked buildings on a split level site with one tower block reaching 9 storeys high and the other 6 .

The rainscreen facade is all clad in a perforated anodised Vantage® DF panel.

Architects Hawkins Brown's goal is for breeam excellence.

Paul Bunnett (business development manager) comments~ This is our largest order by a country mile and proves our place in the market with our Vantage® engineered rainscreen systems. The architect, main contractor and cladding sub contractor have all been impressed with our technical back up and samples to date. The size of the project, panel specification, programme and logistical demands will give us our biggest challenge to date. This project will further our claim as one of the leading rainscreen suppliers in the country.

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News 2015

19-January-2015 - Matchday sponsorship

BTS Fabrications were proud to be matchday sponsors at the recent Newcastle United v Southampton Premiership football match.

Southampton Fans Martin Leekblade and Mick Godwin of LSC Facades were our guests for the day.

Martin Leekblade is snapped receiving the captains armband presented by current player Vurnon Anita and legend Nobby Solano.

BTS Stalwarts Phil Atkinson and Paul Bunnet are pictured pitch side with Mick and Martin.

Southampton won 2-1 and Martin and Mick left ecstatic!

sponsor 1

sponsor 2

sponsor 3

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News 2015

16-January-2015 - BTS Fabrications accredited with the bronze level requirement of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme FORS. FORS ID:006214.

BTS Fabrications are proud to announce that we have been assessed and we have met the bronze level requirement of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme FORS. FORS ID:006214.

Chris Atkinson, Transport Manager adds, As soon as we decided to undertake the lion’s share of our own haulage, this accreditation was on our radar.

The FORS scheme was an easy choice as it covers all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, economical operations and vehicle emissions.

To all intents and purposes it gives us peace of mind we were meeting our legislative requirements, as well as helping us to increase efficiency, reduce costs and win work.

Being responsible for our own haulage has been a colossal success and this will pave the way for another new delivery vehicle that we intend to purchase shortly.



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News 2014

05-December-2014 - We’re hiring!



Applications are welcome from candidates who fulfil the following criteria:-

Duties and responsibilities would include:-

We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience.

Please address all applications to including full C.V

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News 2014

10-November-2014 - BTS Fabrications sponsor local rally driver Steve Carroll


Steve will be flying our colours this weekend in the Scottish Borders Hill Rally. We wish Steve all our luck and thank him choosing us as his benefactor.

We will follow Steve in his conquests and racing photos will follow.












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News 2014

18-October-2014 - BTS Fabrications secure first order from the Permasteelisa Group


We are delighted to announce that we have secured our largest Vantage® SF rainscreen order to date.

Working for Josef Gartner Gmbh who are part of the distinguished Permasteelisa Group we have been contracted to supply Vantage® SF bronze anodised rainscreen panels for the Kingsgate and Zig-Zag project in Victoria, London.

This is a very tight programme as the installation date will be on the 8th of December. Paul Bunnett, Business Development Manager says ‘ I have been in the façade business for nearly 10 years now and have always relished the opportunity of working with Permasteelisa, they are a global entity and have a mammoth profile in curtain walling.’

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News 2014

08-October-2014 - Largest fascia order received


The expertise of BTS Fabrications will be showcased at the new NEC Resorts World leisure complex in Birmingham. This is our first order from Lakesmere who’s package on this contract is worth 9.5 million.

Our part of the order is for a feature flashing for the hotel, although a relatively small order in the grand scheme it has certainly put our drawing office to the test. Within two days from invitation to quote we had a value engineered sample made, powder coated and approved.

The first picture shows the mill finish sample we made in house. Photo 2 & 3 show the powder coated version getting approved in Lakesmere’s design office. The fascia and subframe is a mixture of 3, 4 and 5mm aluminium that was all specially designed and calculated by Lakesmere. Originally their structural engineer had specified structural grade extrusion that had put this part of the project over budget. We proposed a different grade and fabrication method for the sub frame to bring the project within budget. This was checked by the engineer and within five days from enquiry to sample we had our order.

The order is currently being fabricated and will be delivered this month.


The latest construction photos from March 2015 are shown below.

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News 2014

06-October-2014 - Construction underway on Space Centre


The new RAL Space Technology Centre is being built in Harwell, Oxford. RAL Space are part of the STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) and are at the forefront of UK Space Research.

This is our largest rainscreen contract to date with approximately 1500m2 of Vantage DF Panel with 500m2 Spectra Gold Alucobond ACM and 1000m2 of powder coated Aluminium. Panels are in production and delivery dates for the first phase are destined for delivery later this month LSC Facades are the cladding installer, working for Wilmott Dixon.

Click here to see the webcam view.

This is our third contract for LSC Facades following a special fabrication contract in Woolwich and Vantage I.P panel works in Walthamstow. BTS Fabrications in conjunction with LSC Fascades feature in the latest Construction & Civil Engineering Magazine. Please use this link to view (see page 36).

Please peruse below latest construction photos taken on the 18th of December 2014.





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News 2014

04-October-2014 - Logistics


We are delighted to announce that we have invested in our own fleet of vehicles. The 3 new additions are out and about 5 days a week and now ship 85% of our haulage. The trucks were selected for their size (6 metre by 2.2metre), payload, fuel economy and reliability.

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director comments:

‘We are completing more and more deliveries into London and other inner cities with tight access and restrictions that articulated and large rigid vehicles can't ship to. The vehicles are flat bed and therefore suitable for crane offload which is also becoming very popular.’

'This has provided even greater efficiency and has attributed to us being able to take later orders for next day deliveries as we are in control of our destiny. Customers are also happier as they are receiving their goods earlier and can even use our fleet to help to clear their sites of unwanted pallets etc. which all helps our mutual recycling goals'.


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News 2014

24-September-2014 - Construction in Bradford underway


Work has started on the construction of the new £260m Broadway shopping centre and BTS Vantage Rainscreen is being used.

We are working with envelope contractors, Metclad Contracts and Deepdale Solutions.

Developer and builder Westfields are behind the scheme.

The new centre in the heart of the city is estimated to create 1,500 construction jobs and 2,500 new retail jobs for Bradford.
















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News 2014

09-September-2014 - Vantage I.P gets specified on 11 fire stations in Staffordshire


Developer Kier in partnership with Calderpeel and the Blue 3 Consortium are responsible for design, construction and maintenance

We owe the specification to a long established customer ABS Elbrow who proposed our system 15 months ago

We already have orders for 4 stations

Gary Barry of ABS Elbrow comments ‘All at ABS Elbrow are more than happy with the service we receive from BTS. We are currently building 11 new fire stations using the Vantage Rainscreen IP system and are needing to order lots of panels in a bespoke manor’

‘The quality and delivery times after the orders have been placed are A1 and if there are any problems these are dealt with expertly’

Photos and case studies to follow.

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News 2013

13-December-2013 - BTS Fabrications accredited to the new ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System


BTS Fabrications Limited is delighted to announce that it has been accredited to the new ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System following a successful audit by a UKAS approved auditor.

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director says, "Our ISO 9001 certification is recognition of our continuous effort and commitment to deliver high quality products that meet the agreed requirements of our customers, in terms of specifications, budget and in time."

UKAS is the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and is an independent body that inspects and certifies the quality of services that a company offers. They can also accredit a variety of different services with one of the more well-known areas being ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS).

The certification to ISO 9001:2008 recognizes that the policies, practises and procedures of our company deliver consistent quality in the products and services that we provide to our customers.

Philip Atkinson continues, "To facilitate the transition to ISO 9001:2008 we mapped our whole quality system onto a database which has an intranet structure with interrelated, indexed, revision controlled web pages. All customer related processes, reporting, non conformants and best business practises are also held on the database making them readily accessible to all BTS employees."

"Timing is perfect as this coincides with the launch of our flagship Vantage® Engineered Rainscreen systems where ISO 9001 is a pre requisite for many rainscreen clients. The accreditation will also assist us in achieving supplier status with the forthcoming Hitachi Rail Manufacturing facility, which is right on our door step."

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News 2013

28-November-2013 - Vantage® Engineered Rainscreen Systems successfully obtain CWCT certification.


We are proud to announce that the full range of Vantage® Engineered Rainscreen Systems have now successfully passed the below rigorous independent tests in accordance with CWCT Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes-DEC-05

1) Water Penetration – Dynamic Pressure CWCT Section 7

2) Wind Resistance – Serviceability CWCT Section 11

3) Resistance – Safety CWCT Section 12

4) Hard & Soft Body impact test – Retention of performance CWCT TN 76 & BS 8200

5) Hard & Soft Body impact test - Safety to persons CWCT TN 76 & BS 8200

CWCT is recognised by the National Building Specification (NBS) and National House Building Council (NHBC) standards.

© 2013 BTS Fabrications

News 2013

04-October-2013 - BTS Fabrications unveil new website


North East metal-forming specialists BTS Fabrications have launched a new company website on Friday 4th October.

The site showcases the company’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services and also coincides with the launch of their flagship Vantage® Engineered Rainscreen systems.

“The new website reflects where we are today as a business” says Managing Director Phil Atkinson “and it gives us the chance to show customers the breadth of knowledge, service and support we can offer to help them realise their design concepts.”

Nowhere is this more evident than in the company’s new suite of Vantage® Engineered Rainscreen Systems. The range includes secret-fix, discreet-fix and interlocking plank options, with the addition of a unique coping system completing the set.

“We’ve invested in expertise at every level of the organisation”, says Atkinson “and the team we have now delivers a company ethos that will carry us forward through the next phase of our development.”

A selection of Case Studies on the new site features projects involving a range of BTS products, highlighting the quality and range of finishes available from the company, while a ‘Products’ page gives insights into the wide selection of building envelope elements the company now supplies.

“We’re all proud of the new website” continues Atkinson “but it’s only the beginning. We’re already working on new products to add to the portfolio and we’ll be adding them as we continue to develop. Continuous improvement is our goal here - it’s what keeps us at the top of our game, and that means that our customers can stay at the top of theirs.”

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News 2013

30-August-2013 - New trade mark registration


BTS Fabrications are pleased to announce that we have been officially granted the trademark registration for Vantage® in relation to our new range of rainscreen products.

Vantage® SF - Secret Fix Rainscreen System
Vantage® DF - Discreet Fix Rainscreen System
Vantage® IP - Interlocking Plank System

Production Director David Atkinson says " We are delighted to receive the registration of the trademark, which represents another milestone for our company, and enables us to progress further with introduction and development of our Vantage® systems into the rainscreen market. "

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News 2013

25-February-2013 - BTS announce Streibig saw purchase

BTS Fabrications have added an Automatic Streibig Saw to their production equipment range to coincide with the company’s move into Rainscreen System manufacture.

Managing Director, Philip Atkinson explains, “Our diversification into this new market has brought a lot of challenges, but also a lot of fulfilment.”

“This purchase has enabled BTS to streamline production and has significantly increased production flexibility, particularly in preparing ACM material for further processing. The saw has an automatic operating system and a large handling and cutting bed, allowing us to work with ACM panels up to 6 metres in length.”

Following this investment, BTS Fabrications have already secured their first ACM order for their flagship Vantage® SF Engineered Rainscreen system.



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News 2013

11-February-2013 - Paul Bunnett joins BTS Fabrications

BTS Fabrications Limited have appointed Paul Bunnett as Business Development Manager. With 23 years’ experience in the roofing, cladding and facade industry, Paul has been tasked with leading BTS Fabrications into the Rainscreen / Facade market as a key element of the next phase of the company’s development.

His primary objective is to design, develop and name three separate Rainscreen Systems, to be launched into the market within 2013.

Phil Atkinson Managing Director says “It was always in our business plan to add Rainscreen to our product range. We have a superb reputation for quality and product innovation with our customers. We have the floor space, machinery and skilled labour to take this next step. Using Paul’s skills, contacts and experience to guide us we feel we are well placed to be a leading supplier in this sector within 3 years.”

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News Archive

20-February-2012 - New premises


BTS Fabrications are delighted to inform all our customers that as from MONDAY 20 FEBRUARY 2012, will be re-locating to our new premises, please see addresses below. Bank details and all telephone and fax lines will remain the same however, we will be receiving separate DDI lines which will be given out at a later date.


Unit 7, Woodham Road
Aycliffe Business Park
Newton Aycliffe
County Durham

ALL DELIVERIES (Factory Address)

Unit 1, Central Park
Aycliffe Business Park
Newton Aycliffe
County Durham

We will be doubling our existing floor capacity to 28,000ft2. In addition to the increased space we are also investing in an additional machinery and new IT infrastructure to help better serve the needs of our clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. Rest assured we will endeavour to make this transition as smooth as possible and any disruption will be minimum.

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